In attesa del prossimo articolo lascio qui la musica del momento

(le nuove generazioni mi fanno impazzire!)

Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover

E questa è la musica di qualche momento dopo

Be’, con questi Signori l’unica è lasciarsi ondeggiare, il resto vien da sé.
(Love is a real train · Tangerine Dream)

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Che poi è la verisione che più si avvicina all’idea del brano che aveva Betosten (il suo compositore) Ludvig vans Betosten sesto. Poi con l’età ha sempre più ammorbidito il brano anche perché faceva sempre più fatica a tenere il pianoforte sulle ginocchia come la ragazzina del video.
…Almeno così ho letto su Uichipidia…
mi pare…
qualcosa del genere…

Piace a 2 people

I could only listen to the first half of the guitar piece because once you know how good she is then you realise that the rest is going to be more of the same. But I enjoyed the first half immensely.
I’m still listening to the second piece. Although it’s repetitive, it’s putting me in a very good-natured state of mind. Its trance-like qualities are elevating my mind.
Music is magical. Generally.

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The first piece is really adrenaline-pumping and the closure is, so to speak, personal (in the sense that the musical sensitivity of the performer is captured). Tangerine Dream are true masters of the genre: it is known (for those who were there, as this is not very exciting news for a large-scale audience (however I was not there : – ( )) their concert in front of the Berlin wall with the speakers turned towards the other side of town.
I also listen to this piece very often, very very often 🙂

Piace a 1 persona

It seems to me that Tangerine Dream are much imitated but very rarely (vanishingly so) bettered. Is there still (in your experience) a hangover from WWII style fascism and communism in Italy?

"Mi piace"

very bold synthesis: I have not touched the war, not even my parents; the Berlin Wall, however, I experienced badly, unfair; in Italy communism and fascism have remained alive for decades, until almost now and in the 70s and early 80s we have had forms of “political” struggle (terrorists) both fascists and communists, with massacres, kidnappings, bombs, killings for Street. I lived that period.

"Mi piace"


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