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La matita gialla

La matita gialla non è mai sola.

Sullo scrittoio è accompagnata da una stilografica Kaweco in ebanite nera cesellata e da una Bic verde. Delle tre è l’unica a non avere un uso e ciò non spiega la sua posizione. Eppure sta lì.

Quando si è conquistata il posto, lo studio aveva da poco perduto l’odore di chiuso e nell’aria era tornato il piacere di frequentarne spazio e arredi. Scelta tra dieci, soppesata sul palmo, allineata a un intarsio, afferrata di colpo, riaccomodata, ripresa in pugno, morbidamente adagiata, si era costruita un’idea personale della sua permanenza.


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I saw the English, then it passed away. Mortified I turned to my memory of that yellow pencil and once again I saw its lonely vigil on the desk. I saw how it yearned to be picked up, caressed and then used in flashingly brazen ways that would arc across the retina like lightening. I saw a loss and then my mind turned away towards the green and the black and then I celebrated in my mind. Because, after all – two out of three ain’t bad.

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I answer your hot article here, like a real yellow pencil.
This is a hand grenade. You take it out of the backpack, remove the key and throw away. There will be an explosion somewhere, fire, smoke, surely something will blow up: but what? How close do you get to see? 10 meters? A good distance, even smells arrive, the view is satisfied, but something is still missing. A few more steps, then one more step, long, hungry. The body begins to shape an undefined state of mind, but damn it, curiosity is king. The body continues to manifest its alerts, it tells you that you can gasp or squeeze your stomach, that the heartbeat could give problems, but go ahead with the first real doubt: what will you do when you are too close and you will feel the heat , responsibility and, finally, an indistinct fear? Search, find, lose, a game, a moment, the right distance. The escape route. The rediscovered way and Home. The prodigal son, the welcome, the warmth. “What a great fright (what a great regret).”

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The more I read this, the more it opens itself up to me. I can see things here that hint at something that intrigues me and yet fills me with … But I must look away. I promised.

"Mi piace"


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